Shopify connector - Working with Shopify Flow


Shopify Flow is available for Shopify Plus customers only.


Shopify Flow is the ecommerce automation tool from Shopify that lets you easily automate and offload manual tasks and business processes. 

You can take advantage of dotmailer's platform with Shopify Flow.

The Shopify Flow app is available via Shopify's app store

Using dotmailer with Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow allows you to extend Shopify's native automation functionalities with actions and triggers that are added by your favourite apps.

You don't need to set up any additional connectors. If one of your Shopify app's offers any flow triggers or actions, they simply appear in your Flow interface and you can make use of them.

dotmailer offers one action at the moment:

  • Add to marketing program
    Add customers to an existing omnichannel marketing program in dotmailer

Setting up the Shopify Flow action

As a prerequisite, you need to have an existing active program with no enrolment schedule. If the program is deactivated or in a draft state, the action will fail and will be retried by Shopify at increasing intervals for up to three days.

To configure the action, follow these steps:

  1. In Shopify Flow, select the action dotmailer > Add to marketing program
  2. In the first field, click Add template variable and select Customer email address
  3. In the 'Program ID' field, you need to add the relevant program's ID. To find the ID, open up the program in dotmailer's program builder and you'll find the ID in the URL (e.g. .../Edit?id=xxxxxxx...)
  4. Click Save and then activate the workflow (by using the toggle)


Your workflow will become active and begin automating from this point.

Anytime the workflow runs, it will create a new program enrolment in dotmailer.

If the contact doesn't already exist in dotmailer, they'll be created and then enrolled.

Pending contacts

If the dotmailer account's regulatory settings are set to 'Enforce double opt-in for all signups, including bulk uploads', and the contact is pending at the point of enrolment, the enrolment will fail and won't be retried.

To deactivate a workflow, just toggle it off.

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