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The Shopify connector allows you to send abandoned checkout campaigns to visitors of your website.  This is free of charge and is included in the connector.

An abandoned checkout is an event where:

  1. A potential customer provides their contact information on the checkout page, but doesn't complete the order. (Guest)
  2. A logged in customer abandons the shopping cart on the checkout page but doesn't complete the order. (Customer)

At this point, the checkout details are stored as a record in that contact's CartInsight data collection. This CartInsight data includes items such as the URL of the cart, the products in the cart and the price of the cart.

Setting up Abandoned Checkout is quick and intuitive.  It does not require custom code to be placed anywhere within your Shopify site.  You simply need to build a program and map that program from the connectors settings.  

You have full control over this program and can decide how many campaigns should be sent, the cadence of these campaigns and of course the content within those campaigns.   Cart content is easily inserted into the campaign by utilising the ‘Abandoned Cart’ building block. Enrolment happens 25 minutes after the cart has been abandoned on the checkout page.


Abandoned Checkout is not Abandoned Cart.  With Abandoned Cart the visitor can abandon your site from any page. If you would like an Abandoned Cart program please see the Abandoned Cart article.  Abandoned Cart requires custom code to be implemented on your site and may include additional charges.

Trigger Campaign

Abandoned checkout uses a series of trigger campaigns that are added to a program. The email should contain the latest contents of a visitors cart. This is accomplished by using the Abandoned Cart building block.

To create and build trigger campaigns:

  1. Choose Automation > Trigger Campaign Content > Add New.
  2. Follow the creation wizard.  Select a template, enter a campaign name and add campaign details.
  3. Use the EasyEditor to starting customising the content and building the campaign.
  4. Drag and drop the abandoned cart building block into the desired area. You will see placeholder text in this block. This is normal behavior and on send the contact’s cart content is inserted. When done, click Save.


If you need additional help with campaign building view our ‘Get Started’ section.


You do have full creative control and can build the program any way you like but there are nodes that should be included. It is suggested that your abandoned checkout program include at least 1 delay node and 1 decision node to look for purchases within the duration of the program. This ensures the program is operating successfully and removes contacts who might have made that cart purchase.

You can create programs by going to Automation > My programs > New program.

New to Automation?

If you are new to program building we suggest you watch the Automation training videos or review our Automation section.

Below is an example of a simple way to build an Abandoned Checkout program:

Start Node

The start node should be set to ‘No scheduled enrolment’


Delay Node

Attach a Delay node to the Start node. This gives contacts a chance to complete their order, we suggest waiting one day before sending any abandoned cart email.


Decision Node

Attach a Decision node to the Delay node. In the Decision node, create a condition that includes only contacts who have a purchase_date value that occurs in the last one day.

  • No Path - Attach Campaign node to the 'NO' path of the Decision node. In the Campaign node, select your abandoned checkout email.
  • Yes Path- End Node, contacts will exit the program if they completed their order in the last one day.


The entire program will look similar to this.


Additional Campaigns

If you would like to send more then 1 abandoned checkout email repeat the decision and delay node loop until you have sent the desired amount of campaigns.  Adjust the purchase_date length to the proper time frame within each subsequent delay node. For example, if your second email will be sent 3 days after the first was sent then set the purchase_date to ‘occurs in the last 3 days.’



It’s recommended you QA the program prior to setting it live. The easiest method to test the program is to attach a decision node to the Start node. The decision node will exit email addresses that do not match the email addresses you want to test with.

  • Yes Path - Email address is equal to the email address you are testing with
  • No Path - Contacts will exit the program if they do not meet the email address entered above


When QA is complete and everything is working properly remove this node from the program.


The program can be mapped and activated from the Shopify connector settings. This can be accessed in dotmailer by clicking Shopify in the dotmailer settings menu.


This takes you to the 'Store' tab, scroll down to the Automation section and map the ‘Abandoned checkout to’ to the abandoned checkout program you have created.


Once mapped enrolment begins 25 minutes after the visitor has abandoned their cart.


The Abandoned Checkout program must be in an active status for enrolment to begin.

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