Trending - product recommendation (beta)

Early access available

To get access to this feature, please contact your account manager.


Trending products is a hybrid recommendation, combining Best Sellers and Most Viewed. It applies appropriate weighting to balance the strength of a purchase interaction vs. a product browse. 

For example:

Trending selling female running shoes less than $100

Trending is a non-personalized recommendation: it creates a common set of products which will be recommended to all contacts who view your campaign content.


To use Trending products, you should review the insight data dependencies for this type of recommendation.

You must also ensure:

  • You have synced data to dotmailer;
  • You have orders for products in your catalog;
  • Products have a price greater than zero.


Trending recommendations factor on a period of all time, however it applies a weighting curve to ensure the relevance of recommendations.

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