Shopify Plus connector - Creating an abandoned checkout program or an abandoned cart program

In the Shopify Plus connector, customers who leave items in their cart can be enrolled on a program in the following circumstances:

The most common reason to enrol these customers on a program is to send them an abandoned cart email, which reminds them that they have items in their cart.

You can create programs in the program builder by going to Automation > My programs > New program.

Example of a program


Before you create the program, create an abandoned cart email.

Start node

In the Start node, select 'No scheduled enrolment'.


Delay node

Attach a Delay node to the Start node. To give contacts a chance to complete their order, we recommend waiting one day before sending any abandoned cart email.

Decision node

Attach a Decision node to the Delay node. In the Decision node, create a condition that includes only contacts who have a purchase_date value that occurs in the last one day. The purchase_date field is in the OrdersInsight data collection.

'NO' path for Decision node

Campaign node

Attach a Campaign node to the 'NO' path of the Decision node. In the Campaign node, select your abandoned cart email.

If a contact has not completed the order during the specified time in the delay node, they'll be sent this campaign.

End node

Attach an End node to the Campaign node.

Contacts will exit the program after being sent an abandoned cart email.

'YES' path for Decision node

End node

Attach an End node to the 'YES' path of the Decision node.

Contacts will exit the program if they completed their order in the last one day.

Your program should look something like this:




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