Adding SMS to your account


Only account owners or users with admin rights can add features to an account. If you're neither, then you'll need to speak to a team member who does have permission.

SMS is an additional feature that you'll need to add to your account.

The way it's added and charged for may differ depending upon your account's region.

Region How it's added
 Europe (region 1)

Click on the 'SMS' icon in the side navigation bar to add it.

You'll initially be given a trial with 100 free SMS credits to use in the first three months, after which you'll need to buy SMS credits. 

If you're a dotmailer trailist, then you'll be given 10 free SMS credits. 

 North America (region 2)

Same as above.

 Asia Pacific (region 3)

Same as above.

If this option isn't available and you want to discuss adding the feature, then contact your dedicated account manager (if you know who it is), or fill out this request form, making sure that you specify 'Account Management' as the query type.
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