Product data enrichment (beta)

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To make the most effective product recommendations, dotmailer uses artificial intelligence to find, extract, and classify extra information about your products. Our product data enrichment feature analyzes your product images and webpages, then extracts and categorizes information including descriptive labels, keywords, and colors.

Once product enrichment is enabled in your account, you can activate the service by going the properties screen for your product collection. Once activated, dotmailer will begin to enrich your catalog.

Depending on the number of products you have, enrichment could take several hours. Once complete, your products will have new tags that you can filter on to create more targeted product recommendations. In addition, if you use our machine learning powered product recommendations, the model will also be able to factor on this additional data. 

Types of enrichment

Type Required field Description
Image labels image_path The AI analyses the image and provides detailed descriptive tags, which a user can create filters against in the builder. For example: shirt, short sleeved, summer, collar.  
Image colors image_path From the above analysis, the AI identifies dominant colors by the hex value. These values are then abstracted to their named color. This means a user creating a recommendation can create simple descriptive filters like "blue".
Meta scraping url The meta tags are extracted from the product webpage.

Enabling product data enrichment

If you would like to try our data enrichment features, please contact your account manager. 

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