Product recommendation builder


The product recommendation builder allows you select one of the following types of product recommendation to create:

  • Best sellers - calculates the best selling products in your catalog
  • Most viewed - calculates the most viewed products in your catalog
  • Trending - calculates trending products in your catalog by analysing data from best sellers and most viewed products
  • Personalised

These recommendations contain rules that define what products are included when you add product recommendations to an email campaign or landing page.


After you've selected a type, you can use filtering rules to define a more targeted set of products.

Note: Filtering works only for recommendation types that are non-personalised such as best sellers, most viewed, and trending. Non-personalised types are those that include a common set of product recommendations for all contacts, whereas personalised types differ depending on the contact.

Building a product recommendation

If you have used dotmailer’s segments, the recommendation builder will be familiar to you. The main difference is that you can filter only by product data (whereas a segment can filter on different types of data).

  1. Go to Campaigns > Product recommendations > Create recommendation
  2. Select a recommendation type
  3. If you chose best sellers, most viewed, or trending, use the builder to filter products by including or excluding them

For example, having chosen most viewed as your product type you could further refine the product set:


  • Where name contains ‘Nike’
  • And price is less than £100


  • Where stock is less than 10


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