Segmentation - an overview

What is segmentation?

Segmentation is a standard marketing process in which customers (and potential customers) are divided into sections based on shared characteristics (such as where they live, interests, and/or buying habits). These sections of customers are then targeted with tailored content which is more relevant to them, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and conversion.

Is it easy to create a segment with my own contacts?

Yes, very easy with our flexible drag and drop segment builder (accessed by going to Contacts > Segments and clicking on New segments).

It allows you to quickly and conveniently create segments made up of simple rules or with more complex rules, all within a few clicks.

Simple rule
Target all of your female contacts

More complex rule
Target all of your female contacts living in London with an interest in running who've opened more than two campaigns you've sent them in the last 60 days

These are built by simply dragging in, dropping and editing rule blocks that relate to:

  • contacts' behaviours with your previous sends
  • contacts' information and details
  • address books that contacts belong to

Alternatively, a selection of eight popular sample segments are already available for you to use, and can be edited.

What can I do with segments?

You can:

You'll also encounter the segment builder if you ever make rules for dynamic content variations in a campaign, or when creating a program that enrols contacts - or makes decisions - via a segment.

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