Why does Gmail clip my campaigns?

Gmail clips emails if the HTML size is larger than 102KB. The HTML size is an email's source code, which is anything that you can see when you go to Utilities > Edit source in EasyEditor.

Note: The HTML size doesn't include the size of your images because these are downloaded from the server when a recipient opens a campaign. However, it does include any HTML tags that include the link to an image.

If the HTML size of your campaign is larger than 102KB, Gmail will only display 102KB of it and will provide a link to the rest of the message at the bottom of your campaign.


You can check the HTML size of your campaign by doing one of the following:

  • Look at the 'Check and send your campaign' page just before you send your campaign
  • Click the summary icon in campaign listings
  • Click the Send step in the campaign creation process

The screenshot below indicates when a campaign's HTML size is considered too large.


The screenshot below indicates when a campaign's HTML size is considered optimal.

Send_campaign_HTML_content.pngIf you want to stop Gmail from clipping your campaigns, try reducing the amount of source code in your campaign by doing the following:

  • Remove any unnecessary building blocks from your campaign (for example, remove nested tables or use one or two columns instead of three)
  • Reduce the number of characters in the URLs of your images

Or, if you want some help with reducing the source code in your campaign, contact us.

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