The first stage of getting your dotmailer Zap set up is authenticating your dotmailer account with your Zapier account.

Steps to authenticate

Invite only

Currently, our Zap can only be added to your Zapier account via our 'invite only' link found here:

This is the authentication screen you are presented with:

1. API username

The first field you need to fill in when authenticating your dotmailer account is your API username. This username is generated for you within dotmailer when you create your API user.

2. API password

The second field you need to fill in is your API password. Enter the password you decided upon when creating your API user within dotmailer.

3. dotmailer API endpoint

The last field is your dotmailer API endpoint. The endpoint will be dependent upon which region of dotmailer's infrastructure your account is in. This is confirmed when creating your API user within dotmailer.

If you need to remind yourself of any of your API user details, they can be found by mousing over the person-and-cog icon in the top right hand corner of dotmailer to access the settings menu and then selecting Users > API users.
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