dotmailer for Salesforce installation - Link additional email accounts

When additional Email Accounts want to be linked to the same Salesforce installation, additional QuickLink codes are required, one for each additional account. This allows the Email campaigns and address books to be segregated.

There is no need to download the guides or package again, page layout changes are not usually required.

Users of Salesforce for the additional Email accounts will still require a permission set applied (Marketing user).

Select the Configuration tab and then click the Email Account Linking.

Enter the QuickLink code provided for the additional Email Market.

Confirm the Account Email Address correct, the Email Account Name can be edited if required.

Click Finish, when the results have been saved, the following screen is displayed.

Close the window.

The configuration tab will now display the additional Marketing Automation account.

For the additional Marketing Automation Account select Actions > Manage Users.

Select a suitable Salesforce user to be linked to the displayed Email Account User.

Close the window when the linking is complete.

Check the following pages from the Actions area (the settings are unique per Email account):

  • Account setting
  • Field mappings
  • Options (Schedule and Data options)

Following the introduction of another linked account, the user will need to select the correct account from a dropdown list when making a link between a Salesforce Campaign and an Email Address book.

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