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Creating a marketing list

Email campaigns are sent to a marketing list, which is a list of email addresses.

Before an email campaign can be sent to a marketing list, that marketing list must be synchronised to dotmailer address books and email-activated.

To create a marketing list, you need to provide information in the following tabs:

  1. From the navigation bar, go to Marketing > Marketing Lists. By default, your active marketing lists are displayed.

  2. Click NEW in the command bar

  3. Click ACTIVATE FOR EMAIL in the command bar



  1. Enter a name for your marketing list

  2. Select a member type. A marketing list can contain only one type of member.

  3. Select one of the following list types:
    • Dynamic Marketing List is a list whose membership is defined by your automated query. Whenever a record meets the criteria of your query, that record is automatically added to the marketing list.
    • Static Marketing List is a list whose members are added manually or through a lookup.

  4. Click Save


  1. Select one of the following membership actions. These options set the rules for data synchronision between dotmailer address books and your marketing list. For all options, members who are added to the marketing list are also added to a corresponding dotmailer address book.
    • Ignore New & Existing Address Book Members not in this Marketing List: Synchronises contacts to your dotmailer address book and does not change existing contacts in that address book.
    • Remove Address Book members not in this Marketing list: Removes any contacts in your  address book that are not in your marketing list.
    • Allow only known Contacts to be added to this Marketing List: Synchronises contacts from your dotmailer address book to your marketing list only if those contacts already exist in your Dynamics CRM and are not already in the marketing list during synchronisation.
    • Allow Known Leads or create new Leads if no match found: This option is available only if the 'Member Type' field is 'Leads'.  Any contacts in the address book that are not in the marketing list are created as new leads in Dynamics.
  2. Select a subscription filter. These filters set the rules that filter contacts before their data is synchronised. By default, no filter is selected.

  3. To remove the members of your marketing list after your email campaign has been sent, select Yes from the 'Clear List on Send' field.
    This option allows you to use the same marketing list many times.
    You can see which members have been emailed on the email campaign page.
    By default, 'No' is selected.

Synchronisation Options

The first time you synchronise a marketing list, a corresponding address books is created in dotmailer.

Automatic synchronisation is triggered when you send an email campaign or at the intervals you set on the settings page.

  • If you want this marketing list to have priority in the synchronisation order, change the synchronisation order to a number lower than 1,000. Otherwise, leave it as the default 1,000. Marketing lists with lower synchronisation orders are given higher priority during synchronisation.
  • If you want to require users to manually synchronise the list and exclude the list from automated synchronisation, set the marketing list to manual synchronisation only.

Managing Members

  1. From the navigation bar, go to Marketing > Marketing Lists
  2. Click the name of the marketing list that you want to manage

  3. Make sure that you're on the INFORMATION view

  4. Click MANAGE MEMBERS in the command bar. A popup window is displayed.

  5. Follow the wizard to add, remove, or evaluate members

 Manually synchronising a marketing list

    1. From the navigation bar, go to Marketing > Marketing Lists
    2. Click the name of the marketing list that you want to synchronise

    3. Make sure that you're on the EMAIL MARKETING view
    4. Click SYNCHRONISE in the command bar


Can't synchronise?

If you do not have the correct permissions, a popup window will appear, telling you that you cannot complete the synchronisation. Contact your CRM administrator for help.

Checking for unsubscribers

Manual synchronisation is useful for checking how many members of your target marketing list are unsubscribers in dotmailer before you send your email campaign.

After you've manually synchronised a marketing list, select the Notes tab and open the attached file of the synchronisation summary.


Viewing reports and statistics

Reports and statistics contain data about how a marketing list performed.

  1. From the navigation bar, go to Marketing > Marketing Lists
  2. Click the name of the marketing list for which you want to view reports and statistics

  3. From the navigation bar, click the arrow next to the marketing list name, and select one of the following forms under 'Common' and 'Marketing':


Marketing List Members

Displays the members of the marketing list and allows you to add new members.



Displays members of the marketing list who have opted-out of this marketing list, typically when using the preference centre from dotmailer.


What's the difference between global unsubscribers and unsubscribers?

Unsubscribers are members who opted out of only some campaigns, for example through a preference centre.

Global unsubscribers are members who clicked the 'Unsubscribe' link in an email. These members are added to the suppression list and given the 'Do Not Bulk Email' preference against their record in Dynamics.

Email Campaigns

Displays which email campaigns are sent to the selected marketing list.

From here, you can add an existing email campaign to the marketing list by clicking the 'ADD EXISTING EMAIL CAMPAIGN' button in the command bar.

Click the name of the email campaign to view the 'Email Campaign Information' page.total_sent.png

Email Sends

Displays all the email sends for the marketing list, together with the name of the campaign that was sent.


Email Clicks

Displays all clicks for the marketing list, sorted by campaign.


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