Introduction to dotmailer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We offer our connector for versions 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and Dynamics 365 (version 5.x to 9.x).

These articles cover all of the supported versions. However, please be aware that version 2011 of our connector doesn't have the following:

  • Engagement timeline
  • Ability to add contacts and leads to programs
  • Ability to access the Automation Studio


The Dynamics connector allows you to do the following from your Dynamics organisation:

Before you can send an email campaign or analyse a survey, you must create it in dotmailer and then synchronise it to Dynamics.

About synchronisation

Data is synchronised between dotmailer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Data can be synchronised automatically at timed intervals, which are set by the Email Campaign Manager, or you can manually synchronise data without waiting for the next automatic synchronisation.


Although you can synchronise data about a company to dotmailer, you can't synchronise that same data back to Dynamics.

A Frequently asked questions article has been designed to help you with specific processes and to help you troubleshoot.

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