Personalising your emails and landing pages


Whereas our segmentation and program tools can be used to target specific contacts with campaigns; our personalisation tools allow you to fine tune the content of your campaigns and landing pages to create highly relevant content that is customised to each contact.

The following tools can be used for personalisation:

Contact data field personalisation

Can be used to insert values such as a contact's name, or account manager, or current point balance in the:

  • Subject line of an email
  • From name of an email
  • HTML contents of an email
  • Plain text contents of an email
  • Contents of a landing page

Read more about contact data field personalisation.

Dynamic content

Please note

Dynamic content can only be used with emails. It isn't compatible with landing pages.

Dynamic content can be used to show different bits of content depending on a contact's data fields. This could be used to show different content for customers with different local stores; or to show different services to customers on different service packages; or to show different suggested merchandise based on a contact's age and gender.

Dynamic rules can be applied to the:

  • Subject line of an email
  • From name of an email
  • HTML contents of an email

Read more about dynamic content.

Scripted content (advanced personalisation)

If advanced personalisation is enabled on your account you can use our scripting language to personalise your content using the scripting language, liquid. Using this feature you can display and make logical decisions in your content based on:

  • Contact data fields
  • Address book membership
  • Behavioural information
  • Insight data stored against a contact (such as purchase history, or web browsing behaviour)
  • Insight data stored against an account (such as catalogue data, or store information)

Using the scripting language, or the user interface you can:

  • Output the contents of stored data values
  • Make logical decisions about what content to display
  • Perform functions on the stored data values
  • Loop through content such as insight data or address book membership

Scripted content can be applied to the:

  • HTML contents of an email
  • Contents of a landing page

Read more about scripted content using advanced personalisation.

External dynamic content

If external dynamic content is enabled on your account, it enables you to provide campaign content through a URL endpoint.

You can pass data to your URL by attaching an email address or contact data fields to the query string, allowing you to use your own web server to provide personalisation for each contact.

External dynamic content can be used in the:

  • HTML content of an email
  • Plain text content of an email

Read more about external dynamic content.

Personalised send decisions and timings

The above sections cover how you can personalise the content of your landing pages and emails based on contact data; but that's not the only way you can personalise the marketing your contacts engage with. Send time optimisation, segmentation, and targeting through automation will all lead to a personalised, more relevant experience.

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    Hi Stoo,

    Is it possible to use Advanced Personalisation to output dotSurvey answers into the body contents of an email?

    Or can this only be done at present by using the API to add the Survey Answers into an OrderInsights collection which would then give you access to the data required?

    A client has a dotsurvey question, Please rate our services 1 to 5, with 1 being very poor, 5 being excellent, and would like anyone that answers 1 to have their details emailed to a Manager once per day so that they can follow these up. We could use Programs to add these people into an Address Book and make use of Join Notifications or Daily Summary but these system emails only output the person's email address which isn't enough information for them to act upon



  • Avatar

    Apologies Jon, I've only just seen your question.

    You can do what you're asking, but not quite in the way you're thinking.

    Advanced personalisation is a way of using Insight data in emails and landing pages. Right now, you can't put survey responses into Insight storage unless you use the API.

    However you can put survey responses into contact data fields, and those can easily be used in emails and landing pages. Plus, you can use data fields in programs too.

    You can read more on how to do this over at