Designing your survey - configuring a date and time element


Configuring a date and time element
Exporting and synchronisation


You can add questions to your survey that can accept date and/or time answers. These can then be appropriately exported and opened in Excel, plus assigned to contact data fields.

Configuring a date and time element

Select the Date & time element from the left-hand tools panel and drag it in. Click on Type question here to then enter your text for it.


This element is already prepared to accept a date and/or time, therefore date and/or time validation is automatically configured (in case someone adds an invalid date, such as 30 Feb). You have the choice to write your own validation error message if you wish though.

You can also assign this element to a contact data field, configure it as a required answer, as well as set the display to Date & time, Just date or Just time.

When displayed to respondents, they'll be shown the input boxes for the date or time as required. The order of the boxes will conform to the date format of the respondent's browser language.

For example, if the respondent's setting is 'English (United States)' then they'll see the month input box first, and if 'English' then they'll get the day input box first.

Alongside the date input boxes is a small calendar icon; a respondent can click on this icon to select the date.

Exporting and synchronisation

Dates and times are stored in a standard format so that when an export is opened in Excel they'll automatically get converted to your default date/time format.

Where a date and time question has been assigned to a contact data field, this will be stored correctly as a datetime value type.

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