Choosing a survey template


It's quick and easy to choose a survey template. You have a choice of nine distinct survey templates, designed to serve different purposes. Or you can start from a completely blank template.

How to choose a survey template

You can choose a survey template by clicking on New survey or form in the top right of the navigation bar


You'll be shown a number of templates to choose from. As you mouse over each template, you'll see that you can either click Select or preview it fully by clicking on the Preview icon.

saf_choose_a_template.pngAlternatively, you can select a completely blank template from which you can build your own specification from scratch.

Bear in mind, however, that you're also able to modify any one of the preloaded templates in the drag and drop editor in order to suit your needs.

After selecting the template you wish to use, give your survey a name and then click Continue.


Next step: Designing your survey with the drag and drop editor
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