Designing your survey - an introduction


The survey editor is where you build, style and configure your survey. 

After creating a new survey and naming it, you're taken straight through to the editor.

For existing surveys listed under 'My surveys', you access the editor by clicking Edit.

Common features

The top toolbars of the drag and drop editor display familiar features.



Each of the elements listed in the left-hand side panel of the editor can be dragged and dropped into any section to build your survey.


Select and drag the element you wish to use into the desired container within your survey.

Each container will be highlighted and the text 'Drop your item here' will appear when you drag your element over the area you want to place it in.


Once dropped, the element will be inserted below this line.

Click on Type question here to enter your question.

When you're editing a particular element of your survey, it will be highlighted. The top right corner will display a mini-toolbar allowing you to drag, duplicate or delete the element.


At the foot of the survey, you have the ability to add pages.


Click on + to add a new page, double click to rename or renumber a page, and click on the cross to the right to delete it.


You can also click, drag and release pages to change their position in the page order. 

You can add up to a maximum of 30 pages to your survey.

You can make use of the following keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl + Insert to add a new page, Ctrl + , (comma) to move a page to the left, and Ctrl + . (full stop) to move a page to the right.

Next, you'll want to configure the elements within your survey. Check out the following articles:

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