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Using and configuring the 'Update contact' node
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The Update contact node is used to update contact data fields upon a program action being performed. 

Provided the program action happens, such as a contact clicking a specific link for instance, then a contact data field can be directly updated or filled in as a result, as well as incremented or decremented if its value type is a number. 

As an example of how to use this node, we'll look at a scenario in which contacts' score for engagement gets incremented when they click on any link within a specific campaign. 

update_contact_program.png Using and configuring the 'Update contact' node

In this example, updating a contact will be used in conjunction with a decision node relating to links in a campaign about an upcoming conference. A contact's behaviour - clicking on a link within the campaign - indicates their possible interest in the conference and therefore their engagement score should go up appropriately.

To configure this, drag in and drop the Update contact node from the side panel onto the canvas and attach it to the 'Yes' outcome, then click on the node. A panel will slide in from the right side of the screen. Select the contact data field to update.


Numeric fields

As this particular example is a numeric data type, you'll next need to select whether you want to set a fixed value, or increment or decrement the value.


Date fields

For date fields, you can set a contact data field to a specific value (e.g. 24 December 2019) using either the date picker or by entering it manually.

You can also set it to update to the date that a contact reached that node in a program.


Other data types

With regards to the other data types - text and Boolean (yes/no) - you only get the option 'Set value to', which works as follows for each type:

  • Text - enter the new text to update to
  • Boolean - from the dropdown, select either 'is yes' or 'is no' to update to

Once happy with the setting here, click Apply. Your node will be set and, when activated, your program will update this contact data field upon completion of the required action.


This node doesn't just have to be used in conjunction with a decision. It could be used after a campaign node, for instance, so that a contact data field gets updated after a contact is sent a particular campaign.

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    When you're using the Salesforce integration, will Dotmailer populate/increment/decrement the Lead Score field in Salesforce as well as in Dotmailer?

  • Avatar

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your question. Unfortunately the short answer is 'no'; this is because the platform doesn't send any such data to Salesforce, it's only the other way round - Salesforce sends data to dotmailer for synchronisation

    However, our API could be used to achieve something like this. If you’re interested in taking this route, then we recommend contacting your account manager to discuss the possibility further.

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    Can you update one data field with information from another data field?  

  • Avatar

    Hi Leslie,

    You can't use this feature for updating one data field with data from another. There are workarounds you can do, but they do involve some code and use of Channel Extensions which aren't available to all accounts yet, and don't work for very large numbers of contacts.

    Do add a feature request over in our forum though, And it's something we may look at in the future.

    One thing we might need to think about is whether you are just overwriting with data from another field, or if you want to do maths like "increment FIELD1 with the value from FIELD2"?


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