Triggering a campaign when a contact unsubscribes from an address book


You can set up a triggered campaign that will get sent automatically when a contact unsubscribes from an address book. This is called an 'unsubscribe action'.

This can be useful for saying that you're sorry to lose the contact and to thank them for their subscription, whilst you could also use it to ask for some feedback about why they've unsubscribed.

Setting up an unsubscribe action on an address book

Firstly create your address book in the normal manner, giving it a unique name and entering a description.

Remember – if it's a public address book then your contacts will see its name, so give it some thought!

Once your address book has been created, go to Contacts > My contacts and click the Properties icon alongside the address book to edit its settings.


'Unsubscribe action' enables you to select a triggered campaign to be sent automatically whenever a new contact unsubscribes from this address book.

Note that this campaign will only get sent to single contact unsubscribes, such as those via an unsubscribe form or a preference centre. It won't apply for bulk contact removals, such as those that can be done from the application. Furthermore, it won't get sent when a contact is completely unsubscribed from the account.

Click on the 'Unsubscribe action' dropdown list. A scrollable list will appear with all of the triggered campaigns that you’ve created in your account. This list is also searchable.

Alternatively, click on the Explore button to open up a side panel allowing you to search for a triggered campaign within your folders. You can also preview your triggered campaigns via this option before selecting them. 


Whichever method you use, simply select the appropriate campaign for someone unsubscribing from the address book. It could be a triggered campaign you’ve created called ‘Sorry to see you go’, for example.

Once selected, click Save. The chosen campaign will now get automatically sent to every contact when they leave the address book.

Make sure you have a 'triggered' campaign

Before using this function, you need to have already set up the appropriate 'triggered' campaign otherwise no campaigns will be listed.
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    Can this work for people that unsubscribe from private address books?

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    Is it possible to auto remove/unsubscribe the dormants that have not responded to a dormant/winback trigger campaign? Or is it a manual process for those that have not opened or responded to the trigger? We're interested in cleaning the data as much as poss.


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    Thanks for your question. This would need to be a manual process if you were looking to remove/unsubscribe them from your account completely. Of course though, this can be done relatively quickly by segmenting upon contacts who haven't opened/replied to the trigger campaign and them removing/unsubscribing all the members of the segment from your account.

    If it was the case that you were just looking to remove them from a specific address book or books, then you would be able to automate that within a program. You'd be able to make use of the 'Subscription' node. However, I appreciate that's probably not be the solution you're looking for here.