Getting started — Creating the plain text version of your campaign


After creating your campaign in EasyEditor, you're required to create the plain text version of your campaign. Do this by clicking on Save & continue in EasyEditor to move on to the 'Create the plain text version of your email'

A plain text version of your campaign is important for two reasons:

  • Contacts may want to receive plain text because they're not fully sighted, or their email client won't display HTML emails
  • Some spam filters will penalise emails for only being in HTML part and having no plain text alternative

Creating the plain text version of your campaign

You have two choices when creating your plain text version:

  • manually type in your own plain text version
  • click on Generate plain text version automatically generate it. This will replace the current plain text version with the text elements of your HTML campaign.


Plain text emails can still include:

  • actions
  • personalisation
  • links

Plain text emails don't include:

  • dynamic content

Another couple of buttons that might be of interest:

  • Insert action: Enables you to add an action (such as a 'forward to a friend' link) and personalise using your contact data fields. 
  • Preview: Produces a preview of your plain text version, which can be used in the same way as the preview tool in EasyEditor.

Once your plain text campaign is ready, click on Save & continue to move on to testing your campaign.

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