(DEPRECATED) Microsites FAQs

Can I use JavaScript in my microsites?

Yes, you can use JavaScript in microsites.

If you're using the option to create a microsite based on another website, then there is a checkbox at the bottom of the 'Import template' page which can be checked to copy any JavaScript the website may contain:


However, be aware that because JavaScript is programming code, it could execute while you're editing and cause your template's appearance to be incorrect.

Why hasn't my site been imported properly into my templates (JavaScript is conflicting, causing errors, etc.)?

Try importing your site again and uncheck the box to copy across JavaScript.

This checkbox is found at the bottom of the 'Import template' screen (see above).

Can I have server-side scripting in my microsites?

No, it is not possible to have server-side scripting in your microsites.

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