(DEPRECATED) Linking microsite pages together


Each microsite can consist of multiple webpages. You may well require more than one webpage, which will be dependent upon the number of links in your campaign.

There are several ways you can structure your microsite in terms of the pages you have. You may choose to just have a collection of webpages, with different links in your campaign accessing these different webpages. Alternatively, you may decide that your microsite is going to be a mini-website and therefore your first page will be equivalent to a home page with links going through to other pages.

Linking pages together

To link your webpages together, access the Microsite area of the application from the dropdown menu at the very top of the screen (it will probably read Email if you haven't accessed any of the other areas of the application after logging in):


Your microsites are displayed on the 'My sites' page:


If you have not yet created your microsite then you need to do this first.

Click on the View pages icon view_pages_icon.png alongside the appropriate microsite. The pages for the microsite are listed:


In our example, we are going to link from the '123Product About' webpage through to the '123Product Offers' webpage. To do this, click on the Edit icon edit_pencil_icon.pngagainst the '123Product About' page to open it in the editor.

Highlight the words or image which is going to be used for the link (in this example it's the words View Offers >> ), then click on the Insert action button located just above the toolbar.


A pop-up window is displayed with two tabs. Click on the Microsite link tab:


Click on the Insert link next to the page to be linked to. In this example it would be '123Product Offers'. Now you can click on the Save page button and you are returned back to the list of pages for this microsite.


Use Preview preview_icon.pngto check the link works as expected.

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