(DEPRECATED) Adding a microsite link to a campaign


Once your microsite has been created, you can link through to your landing pages from your campaign.

Adding a microsite link to a campaign

Return to the email area of the application by clicking on Email from the dropdown menu at the very top of the screen.


Open the appropriate campaign in EasyEditor and highlight the text or click on the image that will be used to link to your landing page(s):


Click on the Link button located above the toolbar. The 'Add a link' window will appear, from which Link to a microsite should be selected:


Each of your microsites are listed along with the pages. Select the page you want to link to and then click Insert. When ready, save and send your campaign in the normal manner.

The link will be live and will be available whenever the recipient opens your email:


When the recipient clicks on the link, the landing page will open in a new window:


Any links on this landing page can link through to other landing pages.

In the example above, View Offers >> text links to another landing page. When clicked on, that landing page is displayed:


Please make sure you carry out test sends on your campaign, to ensure that all your links are working and that your webpages render correctly.

You can now take a look at your reporting to see which pages are being clicked.

Please note: click through on webpages cannot be tracked unless you are using site tracking

If you have the site tracking function, you can add the following JavaScript before the closing tag of all the pages within your microsite:

<script src="https://t.trackedlink.net/_dmpt.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you do not have the site tracking function and wish to track click throughs on webpages, then do not link your webpages together. Instead, link each webpage to your campaign individually. This will enable each click through from the campaign to be tracked.

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