(DEPRECATED) Viewing microsites reporting


To view reports related to your microsites, click on Reporting from the navigation bar.


Viewing microsite reporting

The 'My reports' screen is displayed, listing all of your microsites:


To view report details, click on the View report icon microsites_view_report_icon.pngalongside the required microsite. Statistics relating to the click throughs on each of your webpages are displayed.


To view clicks on the links from your campaigns, use the Reporting option in the Email area of the application.

If you are using the site tracking function, then individual contact details will also be shown against each page in Reporting in the Email area of the application.

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    I'm currently testing the microsite option to see if it will make a suitable replacement for some PDF newsletters that we're trying to phase out - these contain much more detail than the shorter (snappier) html emails that we send out, and the content needs somewhere to live (hence the microsite option).

    However, it looks as though we wouldn't be able to track the detailed activity within a microsite - is this correct? I think we'd only be able to see page views and who'd clicked through from the email, is that right? I'd be interested to see whether they'd clicked on links within the microsite (and which ones), is that level of reporting possible?

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    I agree with Sarah's comments above - we would also like to be able to get more details from the microsite area.  It would be good to know unique user click throughs for ALL articles, not just the top four, be able to export results in the same way we do for email and track links contained within the microsites.  I have logged this in the Feature Request forum: #180464 Microsite reporting.

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    Completely agree. I would like to see the link clicks for the microsite too.

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    Many thanks for your comments on this. We are always listening, with great interest, as we look to formulate our future development plans. It's good to see this has been submitted to the 'Features requests' forum. Adding a request to the 'Feature requests' forum and getting votes for it is the best way of raising its profile.

    If this request gains enough support, it could potentially enter into our development schedule. We'd urge anyone else who wants this functionality too to vote for it there!   

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    Thanks for the update Neil.  Bailey and Sarah if you are able to vote for this under the Feature Request forum then it might see the light of day!  It's logged under Feature Request forum: #180464 Microsite reporting. 

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