(DEPRECATED) Creating webpages for a microsite


Each microsite can consist of multiple webpages. You may well require more than one webpage, which will be dependent upon the number of links in your campaign.

Creating pages

To add pages to your microsite, access the Microsite area of the application from the dropdown menu at the very top of the screen (it will probably read Email if you haven't accessed any of the other areas of the application after logging in):


Your microsites are displayed on the 'My sites' page:


If you have not yet created your microsite then you need to do this first.

To add pages to a particular microsite, click on the View pages icon view_pages_icon.png alongside the appropriate microsite:


To add a new page, click on the Add new button.

Next, two options are displayed:


The Create a blank page option takes you directly to the 'Page properties' screen, which is described further down.

The Select a site template from your library option will display any templates you created for use with your microsite:


Select the template you wish to use with this microsite and click on the Use button.

You are prompted to enter both a name and a public webpage name for this particular page:


The name you give to this page is for your information only and will not be seen by your recipients. The 'public webpage name' will form part of the URL for this microsite and therefore will be seen by your recipients. Webpage names are unique within a microsite.

Underneath where you enter the public webpage name, you will see text similar to the following:

http://mycompany.com/123Product/1LN5-0/[Please select].aspx

This is the URL that will be displayed in the browser window address bar when your webpage is accessed. When you complete the webpage name, the [Please select] section of this text will be replaced with whatever you have entered as the webpage, as shown in the example below:


There are several ways you can structure your microsite in terms of the pages you have. You may decide that your microsite is going to be a mini-website and therefore your first page will be equivalent to a home page with links going through to other pages. Alternatively, you may choose to just have a collection of webpages, with different links in your email accessing different webpages.

Once you have completed the page information, click on Next step.

Your page is now displayed within the microsite editor.


Although it's a different type of editor when compared to using EasyEditor, the microsite editor shares basic similarities with it and you can edit text, change style and formatting, change colours, plus insert links and graphics using its toolbar:


You can preview your page at any time by using the Preview button located just above the toolbar.

Once you have finished editing the page, click on the Save page button.

The page you have just created is shown in the list of site pages for this microsite:


To add the next webpage, click on the Add new button. Once again you will be prompted to select the template for the page and to enter the page details. In the example below, a second page has been added which is going to be linked to the first page created:


When this page is saved, it is shown in the list of site pages for this microsite:


Now you can link pages together, or change page settings.

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