(DEPRECATED) Creating a template for a microsite


A microsite template enables you to create a consistent look and feel across your communications. This may emulate your website or perhaps the template you use to send out your campaigns.

Creating a template

To start creating a template for your microsite, access the Microsite area of the application from the dropdown menu at the very top of the screen (it will probably read Email if you haven't accessed any of the other areas of the application after logging in):


The 'My sites' screen is displayed as shown below:


To create a template, mouse over Sites in the top right and select New template from the dropdown menu:


Next, three options are displayed:


Regardless of which option you select, there are two key steps in creating a template:

Step one - Settings for your template

Create new site template

create_new_site_template.pngThe Create new site template option prompts you to enter the name of your new template:

Click on Next step and the editor is displayed where you can start to create your template. Now go to Step two - Create your template content.

Copy content from another website to your templates

copy_content_from_another_website.pngThe Copy content from another website to your templates option enables you to create a template that has the look and feel of your company website.

When selected you are prompted to enter the website's address:

Type in the address, i.e. www.companydomain.co.uk, and click on the Preview button. The website will be displayed in the window below.

Select the checkbox at the bottom of the screen to confirm you have permission from the copyright holder to use the content you have selected.

You can also select the checkbox to copy any JavaScript that the website page may contain.


When ready, click on Save and edit and your selected page is then opened in the editor, ready for you to create your template. Now go to Step two - Create your template content.

Copy an email template

copy_an_email_template.pngThe Copy an email template option enables you to select the email template you have used for your campaign and so continue the same branding and theme through to your microsite pages.

When selected, the templates in your email template library are displayed. You can select from the 'My templates', 'Free templates' or 'Custom templates' tab:


Select the template you wish to use and then click the Copy button. You are prompted to enter a name for your template:


Click on Next step and the template will appear within the editor, as shown below. Now go to Step two - Create your template content.


Step two - Create your template content

Your template is now displayed within the microsite editor.

Although it's a different type of editor when compared to using EasyEditor, the microsite editor shares basic similarities with it and you can edit text, change style and formatting, change colours, plus insert links and graphics using its toolbar:

In our example below, the 123Product template has been used, which is available as a free template, and areas of text have been deleted, text has been edited and some of the images have been changed.


You can take a look at the template by using the Preview button:


Once you have finished editing the template, click on the Save template button.

The edited template is stored in My templates, which is accessed by mousing over Sites in the top right and selecting it from the dropdown menu.


The template is now ready to be used.

Having created a template, you can now move on to creating a microsite.

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