(DEPRECATED) Changing microsite page settings

To change your settings for a microsite's pages, firstly access the Microsite area of the application from the dropdown menu at the very top of the screen (it will probably read Email if you haven't accessed any of the other areas of the application after logging in):


Your microsites are displayed on the 'My sites' page:


Click on the View pages icon view_pages_icon.png alongside the microsite you wish to change the page settings for. The pages for the microsite are listed:


To change the page settings for a particular page, you can either click on the Properties iconproperties_icon5.pngalongside the appropriate page to display, or click on the Edit icon edit_pencil_icon.pngand then click on Edit settings in the 'Page content' screen. Both will take you to the 'Page properties' screen:


The name you give to this page is for your information only and will not be seen by your recipients. The 'Public webpage name' will form part of the URL for this microsite page and therefore will be seen by your recipients. Webpage names are unique within a microsite.

Make the changes required and click on the Next step button when finished. The page is then opened in the editor. Click on Save page to complete the process.

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