Previewing your campaign

The preview tool can be accessed using the Preview button above the main ribbon, and from various other parts of the application. When you use the preview option, a new window opens to show how your campaign will look, allowing you to switch between desktop, tablet and phone formats.

Please note: tablet and phone previewing is browser-dependent. Also note that it isn't available in Internet Explorer 9 or below. Read 'Preview tool' vs 'Inbox testing' for further information on this.


You have a number of viewing options running from left to right along the top bar of the campaign preview window:


  • Toggle between HTML and plain text versions of your campaign
  • Switch images on or off in the HTML version
  • preview3.pngClick the personalisation icon to preview a personalised campaign. You can search for a particular contact by entering their email address, or part of their email address, in the ‘Preview as’ box and then clicking Find. You can click on the Recent button to display the ten most recent contacts you’ve imported and preview each one in turn. This is a great way to see how any personalised contact data fields will look.


  • preview5.pngClick the dynamic content icon to preview any dynamic content you may have (this option will not be available if your campaign doesn't feature any dynamic content)
  • preview6.pngClick the split test icon to preview your differing split test campaigns (again, this option will not be available if you haven't created any split tests). Split test previewing is only available when using the previewing tool outside of EasyEditor. When inside EasyEditor, you can only preview the particular split version of the campaign you are editing.
  • preview7.pngSwitch between portrait and landscape views when previewing in tablet or phone format
  • Switch between desktop, tablet and phone previews


Horizontal and vertical scroll bars will appear along the foot and to the right of the preview window respectively, should they be needed to view all of the campaign. 

You are also able to finger scroll the campaign from within a mobile device.

Keyboard shortcuts

We have also included keyboard shortcuts for convenience, should you wish to make even speedier use of the preview tool:

  • 1, 2 and 3 switch between desktop, tablet and phone previews respectively
  • r rotates between landscape and portrait views when previewing in tablet and phone formatsi
  • i switches between images being on and off
  • h and t switch between HTML and plain text
  • p opens the personalisation preview dialogue window
  • d opens the dynamic content preview dialogue window
  • Esc closes any dialogue window, including the overall campaign preview window

Please note that the tablet and phone previews are only an approximation of how your campaign will look; they do not provide maximum accuracy. If you do require more accuracy then you will need to use inbox testing.

Read 'Preview tool' vs 'Inbox testing' for more details on the difference between the two.

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