Recovering a deleted campaign


Steps to recover a deleted campaign
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Over the course of time, you'll delete campaigns. This may be because you're de-cluttering and ridding yourself of old sent campaigns (some of which may have been tests), or you're clearing out drafted campaigns which never got sent. 

However, these may be campaigns that you later realise you want to re-use and edit. And what if you mistakenly delete a campaign that you never meant to?! Don't panic - these can be easily recovered and reinstated. 

Steps to recover a deleted campaign

  1. Click on the person-and-cog icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and select Recycle bin from the settings menu that appears.

  2. The 'Recycle bin' screen is displayed, detailing all the campaigns (and any other items) you've deleted. Click on the Recover icon alongside the campaign you wish to retrieve. 

  3. You're prompted to confirm the recovery, and you can select which folder you'd like to place the recovered campaign into. Click Recover to proceed.


Recovering an unsent campaign

A recovered unsent campaign will display the campaign setup screen. You can now edit these settings and continue to edit the content of the campaign, or save the campaign, in the normal manner.


Recovering a sent campaign

A recovered sent campaign will be reinstated once more under your 'Sent' tab in the folder specified, and its reporting will also be recovered and available again.

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