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What's the difference?
Preview tool
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Inbox testing


There are two options for reviewing how a campaign will look to your recipients:

  • Use the preview tool
  • Set up inbox testing

However, there's an important difference to be aware of between these two options.

What's the difference?

The essential difference is that the preview tool is a free and approximate preview available on all accounts, whereas inbox testing is an ordered service featuring maximum accuracy.

Availability and possible charging for inbox testing depends upon your account setup.

Preview tool

A preview can be selected from within EasyEditor or at various other stages prior to sending your campaign.

Simply click on the Preview button or icon where you see it. 


This produces an immediate and convenient preview of your campaign in desktop, tablet or phone formats.

However, these previews are based on a generic device and will only ever be an approximation of how your email will look.

Browser-based preview

The preview is browser-based. This means it will use your own browser to generate the preview. Because of this, the preview may differ depending on what browser you're previewing in.

It will also differ from true mobiles or tablets.

As Safari is WebKit based, and Chrome uses a fork of WebKit, the preview in these browsers will be closer to that of a true tablet or mobile device running iOS or Android.

The sizing of the tablet version is roughly equivalent to an iPad running the default mail application. The sizing of the mobile version is roughly equivalent to that of an iPhone 4.

Browser restrictions

Mobile and tablet previewing isn't available in Internet Explorer 9 or below.

For further guidance on the preview tool, please read Previewing your campaign.

Inbox testing

If enabled on your account, you can use inbox testing. This allows you to preview your campaign in numerous email clients and devices, providing greater accuracy.

It's accessible from the third step (‘Test’) of the campaign creation process. The testing is performed by one of our partners and is chargeable per use, with the current cost shown at point of request.


The results can take some time to come back from the testing service, ranging from seconds to several minutes. You can choose to be alerted by email and/or SMS when the last test is back.

Once the results are back, you can access them via Campaigns > Inbox test results, or by clicking the link in the notification email.

For further guidance on inbox testing, please read Using the inbox and spam filter test.

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