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Ordering the test
Inbox test results
Spam filter test results


You can order an inbox and spam filter test as part of the campaign creation process. This allows you to see how your campaign will look in lots of different email clients.

It also provides you with results on whether your campaign will get through various spam filters, with recommendations on what you can change to improve its score.

The inbox and spam filter test is a charged service, provided by our partner Litmus, and can take somewhere in the region of 15 to 30 minutes to complete - but it may occasionally take longer.

Ordering the test

You can order the test from the third step, Test, of the campaign creation process.


The inbox and spam filter test is chargeable per use. The current cost will be shown at point of request, and you'll be asked to confirm your request by clicking OK.

You'll also be informed about any tests that are slow or unavailable.


Inbox and spam filter tests can take some time to come back from the testing service. They'll start appearing within 15 minutes but it can take up to 30 minutes for all your results to be returned. 

However, you do have the choice of being notified by email or by text message when testing is complete, meaning you don't have to hang around waiting for the results page to populate.


Once the results are back, you can access them by going to Campaigns > Inbox test results and clicking on View next to the tested campaign, or by clicking the link in the notification email that gets sent to you.

Inbox test results

The inbox test results are shown in a grid showing the name of each email client.

Click on the thumbnail image to view how your campaign looks in that email client.


Where available, you'll have the option to see more than one preview for a client. Use the options in the header to view:

  • the campaign with images turned on/off
  • the campaign in preview/full screen mode
  • for webmail clients, such as Gmail or, you can choose to see the campaign in different browsers

Spam filter test results

The spam filter test results are shown in the second tab of the inbox test page.

The different spam filters are listed in categories of 'Corporate email spam filters', 'Webmail spam filters' and 'Others'.

For each spam filter test that has been returned, you'll be shown:

  • whether the campaign passed or failed the spam filter
  • the score the spam filter reported, if available (not all spam filters will return a score)

For those spam filter tests that do return a score, click on View details to see the recommendations provided to help you improve your score. 


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    My campaign failed postini with a score of 0.00236. Can anyone tell me why?

  • Avatar

    Hi Graham,

    Postini’s a bit of a gnarly spam filter and most email marketing software will regularly fail it; there is some good news though:

    • We report a near worst case scenario for Postini; if you do have any subscribers with Postini filtering then they have the control to adjust their own Postini set up. If they’ve added you to their whitelist, have adjusted the settings to a more typical set up, or have previously opened your mail then your email will, in all probability, hit the inbox
    • Postini is being retired this year  (all users will be transitioned to Google Apps) — we’re keeping an eye on this and will look to have an update when we (and our testing partners, Litmus) have more news as to how this affects users of Google Apps

    We’re looking at the way we display Postini reports; as the ‘worst case scenario’ approach does appear to cause some concern.

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    Just had the results back from my next campaign, it's failed AOL mail, any insight as to why?


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    i tried sending mails but it appears as a junk/spam mail. how can i ratify that and send mails straight into inbox.

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    Hi, I've just run the litmus test and all the results look okay apart from Outlook2013 which is blank if you have images turned on. With images off the text is displayed correctly. Any idea why this would be? The spam filter for Outlook is returning a score of 5 which should pass.

    Thanks for your time.


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    I've got the same problem as Lisa Logan above. Any clues?

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    Sorry to hear you’ve both experienced the same issue with this. I’ve run an inbox and spam filter test and all was well with Outlook 2013 with images on (tested in Chrome v45.0.2454.99 m on Windows 8). It may have been a temporary glitch but if you’re still experiencing problems with it then I recommend contacting with the details and they’ll be happy to look further into it for you.

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    i have run a few spam tests (Litmus thru the platform and Email on Acid) for various client accounts, some of which are on dedicated IPs with great sending reputation and some on regular pools... it seems many of them fail Google Apps, Office365, GoDaddy, Google Inbox. Is this normal?