Modifying a saved template


You can save templates into your template library, which then allows you to modify them again and again when creating new campaigns. This means you don't have to keep starting from scratch, or keep seeking out a specific design from within our free templates selection. 

Your preferred templates can be saved and will then be ready for you to modify with ease.

Modifying a saved template 

To modify a template, mouse over Campaigns in the navigation bar and select My templates from the dropdown menu.

The 'My templates' tab will be empty until you save your own templates into this area.

By dragging the scrollbar, you can move through your template thumbnails until you come to the one that you're after.

Mouse over it and click on the Edit icon to modify it.


The selected template will open in EasyEditor. Make your changes and, when ready, click on the Save & continue button.

You'll then get to edit the plain text version of the template. When done, click Finish.

The edited template will appear refreshed on your 'My templates' page, with an updated modification date beneath it.

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