Sending a campaign


Once you're satisfied with your test sends, you'll be in a position to send your campaign to your recipients.

Let's cover how to do this.

Make sure you've uploaded your contacts

Firstly, make sure you've uploaded your address book(s) through the Contacts option.

If you're already in your campaign, then you can click on the following link in the fourth step (Contacts) of the campaign creation process - 'Create address books in the Contacts section'.


Alternatively, select Contacts from along the navigation bar to upload address books.


Select contacts to send to

You'll want to select which contacts to send your campaign to. You can do this in the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' screen, which can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. If you've closed your campaign, select Campaigns from the navigation bar and then click on the Send envelop icon against the campaign you want to send.
  2. If you're within the campaign creation step process (this is the case if the steps are displayed in the top right corner of your screen), click on the fourth step - Contacts.
  3. Alternatively, you'll naturally arrive at this screen if you keep continuing through the campaign creation steps after creating your campaign content.


Select one or more address books, segments, and/or marketing preferences to send your campaign to. You can choose to send to all of your contacts, just the contacts in your test address book, or the contacts in your created address books, segments, and marketing preferences.

Choose when to send

Next, you need to specify when you want to send the campaign. Leave the default selection set as Immediately if you want the campaign to go right away, or set a date and time for it to be sent in the future by selecting the Scheduled option.


If you have send throttling enabled on your account, the option to do this will be in the scheduling section too.

The final option in this section is Optimised, which will apply send time optimisation to your campaign. This will start sending your campaign immediately, but will optimise the time of individual sends to maximise open rates based on your contacts' historical opening behaviour. Campaigns optimise over a period of 24 hours from when you send, and remain in the outbox until complete. 

Send time optimisation isn't available for split test or scheduled campaigns.

You also have the option to ReMail the campaign.


Finally, at the foot of the page, you're given the chance to add an auto responder.


Review and send

When ready and happy with everything, click on the Save & continue button.

The campaign details are then displayed for you to check and review before sending.


When ready, click on the Send campaign immediately button. A final warning confirmation is displayed.


Clicking on the Confirm button will send the campaign.

The campaign is moved to the outbox while processing occurs, and this is shown by the indicator displayed under the outbox's 'Status' column.

Once the send's completed, the campaign will appear under the 'Sent' tab.

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