Using the spam filters report


The spam filter report is available via our inbox and spam filter test functionality, a charged service which we provide through our partner Litmus.

It evaluates your campaign for you, providing a breakdown by corporate email spam filters, webmail spam filters and any other spam filters.

Reading the spam filter report

To access the spam filter report, go to Campaigns Inbox test results and click on View next to the tested campaign, or by clicking the link in the notification email that gets sent to you once the test completes (if you've requested it).


Click on the Spam filters tab to display the report's results.


The report is divided into three categories - 'Corporate email spam filters', 'Webmail spam filters' and 'Others' - and shows whether your campaign would pass or fail, and sometimes with a score.

In some cases, the spam filter may be unavailable and no result can be given.

You'll be able to click on View details against certain entries. 


This provides more details on the result, as shown below, including specific information on the spam filter and recommendations for improvement.


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    I've just submitted to inbox preview and got a score of 1.9. But there's no telling if that's any good - do you have any info on what's acceptable etc.? thanks.

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    Hi Richard,

    Glad to hear you're checking the spam assessment; a score of 1.9 is pretty good — although does mean there's room for improvement.

    We generally regard a spam score of 5.0 or higher to be that the campaign has failed the check; above that and you're likely to see some form of deliverability problems.

    What you're aiming for is a score of zero; but that's not always achievable — so if you've got 1.9 you're doing well.

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    My recent campaign score was 5.7 yet there doesn't appear to be a quick fix for this result.