Sending a 'test send' of a campaign


Test sends are an essential part of verifying your campaign. This is so that you can check how your email will appear in your own inbox, as well as allowing you to share it with colleagues for proofreading and sanity checking ahead of a full send. If possible, try to add different ISP and email providers to your test address book such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Test sends are free. The test send function can only be used for testing your campaign – not for sending it.

Using the 'Test send' function

The test send function is initiated by clicking on the Test send button available in various places within the system. The easiest to find is probably the one in the main EasyEditor toolbar.


It can also be accessed by clicking on step 3, Test, in the top right-hand corner where the five campaign creation steps are positioned. Click on Choose contacts in the 'Send to your test contacts' section. 


The 'Test send' pop-up window is displayed and you are prompted to select the email addresses you wish to use for testing:


Any email addresses you've already uploaded/entered to your test address book will appear in this list. To enter a new email address at this point, click on Add another test email address and you'll be prompted to enter the relevant details.

To select email addresses to receive the test send(s), check the box against each address required. Once you've made your selection, click on the Test send button and the processing screen will display.


You can have a maximum of 200 email addresses in your test address book, and you can send a maximum of 200 test sends in an hourly period.

Once the screen disappears, your test sending has been completed. You can now check the mailbox(es) for the email address(es) you selected to verify that your campaign appears as intended.

In relation to testing, we also offer an 'Inbox and spam filter test' feature. This is available when moving on to, or selecting, step 3, Test, in the campaign creation process.


Ordering an inbox test enables you to preview your campaign in numerous ISPs without having to set up lots of different email addresses. An inbox test is chargeable so please contact your account manager for further details.

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    Today I have been trying to send a test email to myself and some colleagues. I received it almost instantly, however it is not sending to them.

    Within the ‘test send’ box, I added their details to the ‘test address book’ and sent from there. I’ve checked their email addresses which are correct.

    Do you know what the problem might be?

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    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for your question. I notice you raised a support ticket for this and I believe the glitch you were experiencing was resolved. Let us know if that wasn't the case though.  

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    Could you confirm that the 'Test address book' is capped at 200 records, please?
    Don't seem able to find this detail in the knowledge base.

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    Hi. Thanks for your question. Yes, that's correct - it's a maximum of 200 contacts that you're able to select for a test send.