Uploading your own HTML email templates

Want to share templates across your team?

On 12 October, we released our new team management functionality as an invite-only beta feature. It allows you to share your templates across all of your account's users. If you have a lot of accounts and users to manage, you may wish to have access to it. If so, please apply for an invitation.

You can upload your own HTML email templates, if enabled on your account, by going to Campaigns > My templates and then selecting the Upload template tab. To upload a template, you will need an HTML file and the relevant images at point of upload. These can be individual files or a zip file.

Click Choose files to find files for uploading, including one HTML file and any images that are referenced in the HTML; once selected click Upload to commit them to the template.


Images must be saved locally in the same folder as your HTML file (so do not use an 'images' folder) - this allows the system to reference them correctly upon upload.

Once you have uploaded all of these images, hit the Continue button. If your template is complete you will then proceed to the checking stage.

Your template will be checked for valid HTML and for EasyEditor markup.

If you want to know more about writing templates for EasyEditor, check out our EasyEditor markup guide.

HTML for email

If you are used to designing webpages, do remember that email HTML can be very different. We strongly advise that you use tables and font tags in preference to CSS classes where possible to ensure your email renders well in different email clients.

Please note that template upload is not available for all accounts. If you would like this enabled, please speak to your account manager.

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    This doesn't seem to be the way it works. No upload tab as far as I can see.

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    I did an image upload template yesterday but now it isn't working.

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    Its seems issue their yet.. how to upload template ? 

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    Hi all,

    @Mike/Test — Template upload isn't available for all accounts — you're currently on our Express package. If you regularly need to upload email templates you can call our team on 020 8662 2764 to talk about upgrading.

    @Stacey — It seems to be working at the moment for me, if you could submit a request to our support desk with some details of the files you're trying to upload they should be able to help.

    Best wishes,


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