Sorting contact lists

You can view and sort your contacts via four default contact data fields - Created, Modified, Email and Last mailed date.

Select Contacts from the navigation bar and then select the appropriate address book or the All contacts address book.

The contacts list is displayed with the various column headings for contact data fields.


The column headings mentioned above are sortable and can be clicked on in order to sort by that column.


By default, the contact list is sorted by the Last mailed date in descending order (from the most recent mailed date to the earliest). This is indicated by the small triangle pointing downwards next to the Last mailed date column heading.


To sort by Created, for instance, simply click on its column heading.


The date is automatically sorted in ascending order (as the small triangle indicates by pointing upwards).


To sort the list in descending order, simply click the Created column heading again.

The column heading triangle changes to point downwards, indicating that the sort is now in descending order.


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    We understand that the option to sort by different fields in the contact list has been removed, so that you can now only sort by email. We would like to see this option restored.

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    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your comment - and it's helped alert us to the fact that this article was out of date, which we've now corrected. However, I'm afraid we had to permanently remove custom-column sorting on tables as the functionality was (computationally) expensive. By not having it, it's allowed us to speed up the rest of the app.

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    I agree, this facility to sort my contact lists by, for example, surname, would be enormously appreciated. I suppose the alternative is to export the whole contact list and use Excel but it's a long winded way of doing it. I hate it when software functionality goes backwards for the sake of new features which I have no need for. Any chance dotMailer of resurrecting it, or at least one or two more columns?

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    I also agree. Being able to sort contact lists seems a basic function. Please restore this.

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    I agree too. At minimum, I would expect to be able to sort by first and last names. Sorting by email address is next to useless.