Emptying selected address books


You can easily empty all contacts from an address book or books should you need to.

Performing this action will:

  • leave the chosen address book or books intact but will empty out all contacts, ready to be refilled
  • removed contacts will remain in your 'All contacts' address book
Or are you looking to delete selected address books and their contained contacts from your account entirely?

Steps to empty selected address books

To remove all contacts from an address book or books, follow these steps:

  1. Select Contacts from the navigation bar to display your address books and use the checkboxes to the left to select the address books that you want to remove all contacts from

  2. Click on More actions to display the dropdown and select Empty selected address books
  3. A confirmation box will be displayed, asking if you're sure you wish to empty the selected address books. Click OK to continue.

The contacts within the selected address books will be emptied but the address book or books will remain intact.

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