Delete all contacts from an account


You can, if required, delete all contacts from every address book in your account.

This could be useful if you're looking to start from scratch with your data.


This action isn't reversible.

Steps to delete all contacts from your account

  1. Select Contacts from the navigation bar to display your address books

  2. Click on More actions to display the dropdown menu and select Delete all contacts from your account from the bottom of the list (however, this option will be disabled should you have any address books currently selected)

  3. A confirmation screen will display saying: 

    'You're about to delete all contacts from your account
    All your contacts will be removed from the address books they're in and moved to the recycle bin for 30 days. After 30 days, their data will be permanently removed. Undeleting contacts will not put them back in the address books they were in.'

    You'll be required to enter your account's password and tick the confirmation box.

    remove_all_contacts_from_account.pngWhen ready, click on Delete all contacts.

All contacts will be deleted from every address book, including the 'All contacts' and 'Test' address books.

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