Deleting selected address books and all contained contacts from your account


Whereas you can delete address books from your account by selecting them and clicking Delete, the contacts will remain in your 'All contacts' address book.

However, you might want delete the address book and the contacts from your account entirely, as you no longer require the data. This can be done in one action.

Steps to delete selected address books and all contained contacts from your account

  1. Select Contacts from the navigation bar to display your address books and use the checkboxes to the left to select which address books and their contacts are to be deleted.
  2. Click on More actions to display the dropdown and select the Delete selected contacts and address books from your account option.
  3. A box will display to inform you that deleted contacts will be moved to the recycle bin for 30 days, after which their data will be permanently removed. Before clicking Delete to commit the action, you'll also be asked to confirm that you understand that: 

    • Deleted contacts will be removed from the address books they're currently in
    • Undeleting contacts will not put them back in the address books they were in (they will only get added back to 'All contacts')
    • Deleted contacts are not unsubscribed, and that if they are re-added to your account they may receive campaigns. (If contacts do not want to receive campaigns, you should unsubscribe them instead.)

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