Using campaigns to allow contacts to access public address books and contact data fields

To enable your contacts to access public address books and contact data fields, allowing them to unsubscribe from certain address books and update their details, you need to include a preference centre link in your campaigns. Alternatively, you can ensure the preference centre displays when a contact uses the unsubscribe link in your campaign by selecting the feature within your account settings.

To add a preference centre link, create or edit your campaign in the normal manner and use the Link button in the toolbar. For example, you could write 'Want to change your details?', highlight it, select Link and then select Preference centre from the menu of links offered (this link option won't be offered though if you already have preference centre selected in your account settings):

Proceed with your campaign creation, testing and sending in the normal manner.

When your recipients clink on the link they are presented with the following screen:

The contact enters the email address that the email was sent to and clicks on the Submit button. The following screen is next displayed to the contact:

If the recipient does not want to receive any more emails from you then they simply click the No more email button.

Under the 'Your details' section, the contact can edit their email address and preferred email type, whilst under 'Update your data fields' they can update any contact data fields you have set as public.

Under the 'Your address books' section, the contact can see the address books they're subscribed to. They can subscribe or unsubscribe to a campaign by using the checkboxes alongside each address book.

If they check a box they are not currently subscribed to, i.e., 'Daily update', then the system will automatically update the relevant address book with the recipient's email address.

The contact clicks on the Submit button to save any changes and leave this screen.

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    Can I alter the "Amend Your Settings" page if I don't want the data fields to appear in alphabetical order?

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    Hi Matthew,

    I'm afraid you can't do this with contact data fields that are part of the preference centre, as accessed via an 'unsubscribe'/'prefernce centre' link in a campaign.

    However, there is an alternative way you could do this, which will allow you to order the contact data fields as you wish - and that is to use the surveys and forms tool. With this, you could create a form that allows contacts to change their details and link to the form within your campaign using the 'Link to a survey' function, rather than using an 'unsubscribe'/'preference centre' link.

    Access the surveys and forms tool by clicking on the 'Surveys & forms' option from the dropdown when mousing over 'Email' in the top right left-hand corner

    Check out our 'Survey and forms' support articles here for more guidance -