Merging address books

To merge two or more address books into a new single address book, follow these steps:

  1. Select Contacts from the navigation bar to display your address books.

  2. Use the checkboxes to the left of each address book to select those to be merged.

  3. Click on More actions to display the dropdown menu and select Merge address books.

  4. Enter the merged address book's name and select whether you'd like to merge the address book suppression lists or to keep the address book suppression lists separate.

    When done, click OK. You'll be informed your merged address book will be ready shortly.

  5. You will need to refresh the page to make the new address book appear in your address books list, leaving the old ones intact.

To get details of which address books were used to create the merged address book, click on the Properties icon to the right of the merged address book. This information is contained in the 'Description' section.

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    Is there a way we can merge address books without leaving the old ones in tact?  We have a messy 306 address books which have been uploaded each time a newsletter is sent out and don't want to add to our problem of having more address books than we need.  I'd like to merge address books used per conference in 2011.

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    Hi Kim,

    There's no combined merge and replace function at present, but you can delete the old address books after merge.  Do make a feature request with ideas for improving the merge process though!

    Best wishes,


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    If I merge ALL address books to tidy up, how will duplicates be handled?

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