Using the 'Unique clickers' report


This report registers the unique number of users who've clicked links in your campaign.

It displays all the email recipients who clicked a link, the number of clicks and which links they clicked, along with other details such as their email type and first and last name. The first column shows the number of clicks alongside each email address.

How mailto link clicks are dealt with

A mailto link (e.g. is used to send an email to a specified address.

They'll work correctly in your campaign but are not included when looking at click reporting for your campaign.

Using the report

You can filter the list by using the Link name dropdown to select a particular link name.

You can also filter by using the Link group dropdown to select a particular link group in order to just view clicks associated with that group (this is only available if you assigned link groups to your links when creating your campaign).

Note: Any subsequently deleted contacts in the report will be denoted as 'Deleted contact' (apart from deleted suppressed contacts whose email addresses will need to be retained).


Clicking the More details icon will display a window showing the date and time of each click, the URL of the link clicked on, the IP address and the user agent.


Further actions

You can also:

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    How is Unique user click through calculated over here? Is it same as CTR?

    How would you calculate CTR, of initial email campaign and its remail?