Using the 'Map of openers' report


Our geo-mapping function provides you with a visual overview of where your contacts are opening your emails throughout the world.

You can view hotspots on a map, select map areas at the click of a mouse, and add geographically selected contacts to a new address book.

Using the report

This report generates a heatmap of where in the world your recipients are opening your campaign, based on their postcode/zip code.


In addition to standard mouse controls, the far left-hand side of the map features a slider bar so you can zoom in and out, plus a directional controller so you can move around the map.


To select a particular area on the map, you'll need to draw around an area using a square, circle or polygon tool. These are available to select in the toolbar just above the map.


If you want your selected area to adhere to a fixed ratio, click on Normal and then select Fixed ratio from the dropdown before making your selection.


The 'Contacts selected' number will change to reflect the number of contacts opening your campaign in the selected area.

Don't worry if your initial selection is a little clumsy or isn't quite right. This is easily corrected using the selection tools. You can delete, rotate, or resize.

Click the red 'x' to delete your selection, or click the polygon icon to manipulate any of your shape's points into another position and thus alter your selection area.

Moving over your selection will also produce different cursor icons enabling you to move, rotate, or resize it.


The width and length of your selection area is shown in the toolbar above the map (the default setting is in miles but it can be toggled to kilometres). 


You can select more than one area at a time. This is done by additionally drawing around somewhere else on the map using a square, circle or polygon. The contacts selected are then added to the existing total shown.

Further actions

You can also:

  • Filter the report by address book, segment, split test variation, or dynamic content variation
  • Add selected contacts to a new address book by clicking on Add these contacts to an address book (which is positioned in the bottom left corner just below the map). Enter a name for the address book in the 'Create new address book' window and then click Create. The address book will be listed on your 'My contacts' page.

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