Using the 'Replies' report

This report shows the number of replies you have had in response to this campaign. When a recipient replies directly to a campaign, their response is logged.

replies_report.pngThis report is made up of three sections:


These are actual replies sent to you, perhaps asking a particular question. Sometimes your email recipients use this method to unsubscribe instead of using your unsubscribe link. Because of this, it is very important that you review your replies on a regular basis. If a request has been made to be unsubscribed, then you can use the checkbox to the left of each email recipient to select the relevant contacts and use the Unsubscribe button to process their request. Occasionally you may find automated replies in this section. The reason for this is because the reply does not conform to standard email pattern.

Click on a listed reply to display the reply's content.

These replies can be forwarded to an email of your choice, which you can specify in the campaign setup screen.

Auto replies

These are automatic replies that have been set by the email recipient to go to every email received. This is quite common in respect of general email addresses such as info@ or sales@. These replies are not forwarded to the email you specify in the campaign setup screen.

Challenge replies

These are replies sent by sender verification tools such as Spam Arrest. These emails are sent to reduce spam in the email recipient's inbox. You will generally need to enter a code of some description in order for your original email to be accepted by your email recipient. These replies are not forwarded to the email you specify in the campaign setup screen.

Attachments in replies

If someone has attached something to their reply you will find any attachments ready for download in the reply area. Incoming emails are virus scanned and any suspicious attachments will not be available for download.

If you have set a forwarding address for campaign replies, attachments will not be forwarded until you have enabled attachment forwarding in your account settings under the 'Features' section.

Please note: Any reply of 10MB or more will be bounced and you will not receive it. The contact sending the email will of course receive a mail notification that their message was too large. It's a very rare occurrence that a reply will be as large as this, but it will most likely be caused by an attachment. However, you should be aware of this size limit in case a contact says they are sending replies to you and you aren't receiving them. This could be the reason for it.

Clicking on the Display button will enable you to change the view of this report.

Clicking on Export next to it will provide options to either export the contacts list into a CSV file or create a new address book with them.


To view the drill down detail on other reports, use the More reports... button located next to the title of the report. This will provide a menu from which you can select the report type as shown below:


You can also filter the results displayed here by using our filter report function. The Filter button is located at the top right of the report (across from the More reports... button).


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    Is there a way of actually the exporting the response content into one spreadsheet? At the moment we have to manually type in each response into our CRM which is very time consuming. 

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    Agree with Laura's point above - is this possible?

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    Has this question ever been answered ? Keen to know if this is possible please.

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