Using the 'Soft bounces' report


This report lists all of the contacts that couldn't be delivered to due to a soft bounce

How many times an email is allowed to bounce before being unsubscribed is controlled by the soft bounce threshold set under Contacts > Suppressed contacts > Bounce settings.

Soft bouncing can be a temporary issue (for instance, when a full mailbox gets cleared down) and sending to these email addresses later may succeed.

Find out more about different bounce and suppression types.

Using the report

The report displays all the recipients who have soft bounced.

Note that any subsequently deleted contacts in the report will be denoted as 'Deleted contact' (apart from deleted suppressed contacts whose email addresses will need to be retained).


Filter by type

You can filter the list to exclude either 'soft bounces' or 'mail blocked' types.

Further actions

You can also:

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