Using the 'Hot prospects' report


The 'Hot prospects' function and report enables you to set the number of opens and clicks that constitute a hot prospect. Once set, all users who meet this criteria are displayed in this report, giving you an instant view and list of your most engaged contacts.

Using the 'Hot prospects' function/report

The 'Hot prospects' report is located in the More reports... dropdown menu above your campaign statistics in the 'Campaign overview' section of the campaign reporting screen.


Click Hot prospects to open the report.


The defaults are set to a minimum number of 3 opens and 1 click. You can change these parameters by simply overwriting them in the boxes. 


When happy, click on the Submit button and the screen will refresh with the contacts who meet this criteria.

You can click on a listed contact's open and clicks to open a more detailed report listing the date and time, IP address and user agent for each open, and the date and time, URL, IP address and user agent for each click.

Clicking on Export gives you three choices - you can export the report to Excel as it is, you can export the report to Excel with the details for each link clicked, or you can create a new address book containing the contacts listed in the report. 


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    Is there a way to automate a Hot Prospect export to be sent for certain campaigns or all campaigns in an account? This would be very helpful for sales people!

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    Was just about to ask the above, for the exact same reason! Any word on this?

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    Sorry to say the short answer is no, there isn't currently a way to automate this. However, it's an interesting idea. You can always add this to our 'Feature requests' forum and see if it can get enough votes to make its way into our development plans.

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    Hi Neal,


    Thanks for letting me know. I've now submitted this as a feature (request #183781), so if anyone else is looking for the same feature I'd encourage them to vote this one up!


    Many thanks,

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