Print or PDF a campaign report


You can print or PDF a campaign report, and you also have the option to personalise it.

This article explains how and provides more detail about the functionality.

Printing or making a PDF of a campaign report

To print or make a PDF of a report for your campaign, select Reporting from the navigation menu, find the sent campaign you're interested and click on its name to open the campaign report.

Click on Print report, which is located to the top right of the report's header, above the 'Conversion Funnel' graphic.    


The 'Print report' window will open to display how your printed campaign report will look. At the top of it are three options.   


1. Print page - select this to send the report directly to your printer.

2. PDF - select this if you wish to produce a PDF version of the report, for instance to email through to someone else.

3. Personalise report - select this to personalise your printed report by uploading your own company logo and adding any optional comments.

Selecting this option displays the following window.


If there are no previously used logos, click on Choose file to select your logo image from your computer and then click Upload.

If you wish to add any comments to your report, enter them in the 'Optional commentary text' box.

When ready, click the Print report button and the report will be generated with your logo and text included.

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    Great! First I was looking for a 'export' button and I couldn't find, then I was afraid to click on 'print' because I wanted to save as a PDF not to print. The PDF button is a little bit hidden, so the post was useful.

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    Hi Becky,

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree that it's a little bit unclear. I will let our developers know about this so that they can change the wording a little bit.



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    Are you able to print or download the Email Hotspots section? This summarises the key data nicely for my company and I would like to share this information with the team. 

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    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for your question. There are two potential answers that may be of use to you.

    Firstly, whilst in the email hotspot report, you can press CTRL+P and print it that way. Of course, you may find different browsers will behave in different ways when it comes to this.

    Secondly, the 'Print report' function does include statistics for links clicked within your campaign, albeit without using a visual of the campaign or the overlay of the link statistics.

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    Is there a way to specify saving PDF as landscape? Mine saves as portrait and some information is cut off, like the links table.

    I can use print, then save as PDF, but the data is still across two pages rather than having one table per page. 

    Edited by Communications Team
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    Thanks for your question. The orientation for generating a report is fixed as portrait and we don’t provide an option to configure this at all. In most cases, portrait is the best orientation, although we do concede there may be rare instances in which data can be truncated.