Comparing reporting for multiple campaigns side by side


You can select multiple campaigns to compare reporting against each other, side by side. This gives you a useful campaign performance comparison overview.

Ways to access it

There are two ways in which you can access this function:

  • Go to Reporting > Campaign reports, tick the campaigns you wish to compare and then select Compare campaigns from the More actions dropdown to generate the report.

  • When already looking at a campaign's reporting overview, click on Compare campaign located to the top right of the report's header, above the 'Conversion funnel' graphic.

    reporting_overview_compare_campaign.pngWhen clicked, the 'Compare campaigns' performance window opens, enabling you to tick the campaigns you wish to compare.

    When happy, click Compare to generate the report.


Using the report

The performance comparison overview will display as below.


The campaign(s) you select are compared against the current campaign and all of the metrics such as opens, clicks, etc., are shown, with the highest metric for a campaign highlighted for easy reference. 

You also have the option to export this information into a CSV file (which can be opened in Excel) by clicking on Export report.

To return to the campaign reports list, click on Back.

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