Changes to the way links are treated in external dynamic content


From Wednesday 19 February 2014, links in external dynamic content blocks will no longer be tracked. If you're a user of external dynamic content, read on for all the details.

What's changing?

Any link that's included in a campaign as a result of an external dynamic content block will no longer be tracked. This means we won't be able to determine if your contacts visited this link from your campaign.

All other types of links are unaffected by this change.

Why is this change being made?

Often, external dynamic content differs for every contact in a campaign. For an external dynamic content block with two links, sent to a list of a million contacts, there would be two million links to track. This can cause an undue load on the system, but it also makes reporting unmanageable.

It's very rare that external links like this have a requirement to be tracked, so we're removing the noise by only tracking standard links.

When will this happen?

The changes will take effect from Wednesday 19 February 2014. 

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    Hi Michael,

    Could the DEVS not do something as simple as this:

    If the external URL contains any sort of personalisation like @EMAIL@ or @CUSTOMER_ID@ then turn off link tracking as the content is *likely* to not need tracking (as per your release notes).

    However, if it doesn’t include any personalisation (eg ) then turn on link tracking as the links will *likely* need tracking and will generally not change on a per contact basis?

    That would then address all scenarios and be competing with the likes of Bronto. Removing tracking on EDC has completely devalued this feature.